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she whispered again and her lips hit gay ass licked, group anal, lela star my mouth in a long, tender-moist kiss. I felt a tremendous overwhelming sense of happiness in this moment that exploded like a bomb in my whole body. Maike turns her mouth away, then gently kisses my neck, letting my head rest on her shoulders as my arms close around Maike’s hip as well. And so we both stand for a moment in front of the slightly open window and hug ourselves quietly with our eyes closed. Maike perceives the enchanting scent of my perfume and feels the fabric of my cardigan in her hands as she gently strokes my back. Under the cardigan I wear a white blouse, under which two not small vaults are to be identified. Maike’s hands continue down my spine down over the hips, where the soft pink cardigan comes to an end, and now I feel the black velvet fabric that makes up my miniskirt, which is a bit too small and just barely covers my bottom.

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